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About the game

Gray Dawn is a first person horror game with adventure elements, exploring both real and unreal universes.
Which fears haunt your soul?
Gray Dawn builds around the story of a priest who is suspected of murdering one of his altar boys who had gone missing a few days prior. The young boy was severely sick- he was exhibiting inhuman behaviour – which lead the priest to perform an exorcism. However, the exorcism seemingly failed and the boy jumped out of the window… his corpse was never found.
We are a group of experienced artists and developers.
Gray Dawn draws its inspiration from old horror games like Alone in the Dark, first Silent Hill games or Resident Evil and newer titles like Amnesia, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Silent Hills (P.T.). In order to make the experience more immersive you'll be witnessing the most foreign and forbidden mysteries of the cultures of the world.
We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Key Features

Embark on a journey that will bring you in the middle of the war between delusion and truth.
Ready to get started? Great, so are we.

Iasi, Romania